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Dad of two beautiful girls, husband to an amazing wife, Ex-Treasury Economist & Founder of Confidence Finance.


When i was 15, both my parents lost their jobs. Soon after, debt collectors came and took our family home. This all happened because of a lack of financial education.  

Fast forward nearly two decades, and I've rebuilt my life, becoming one of Australia's top 100 mortgage brokers, 5 years in a row and building a $25million property portfolio across Sydney. 

Property & Education, changed my life.  It gave me opportunities for a better future for my family and helps protect my family from the struggles I grew up with.

My mission on Australian Property Talk is to help educate you about property and growing wealth through property.


Hi, I'm Redom Syed


I'm Curtis Stewart

I am the Head of Lending at Confidence Finance, an award winning mortgage broking company in Sydney.

I begun as a first home buyer a few years ago and bought my first investment property in 2019.

Redom and I met on the first day of Treasury as graduates and became best friends since.

We've built Confidence Finance together with one mission - to EDUCATE Australians about how to grow wealth through Property.

confidence finance

Award winning mortgage brokers that partners with you to save you time & money. Our approach is to educate our clients through the home buying journey. In short, we partner with you to achieve your financial goals


We are experts in home loans and work with homebuyers & property investors across Australia

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